Film about Estonian singing traditions opens Tartu World Film Festival 2012

von pistrick

The Film Regilaul – Songs of the Ancient Sea has opened the Tartu World Film Festival yesterday. The Swiss-Estonian collaboration, directed by Ulrike Koch on the interrelation of musical and magical practices will have its regular cinema start in Switzerland in April 2012. Screenings in Germany are not yet scheduled.

Here is a short synopsis of the film:

On the shores of the Gulf of Finland, the ancient Finno-Ugric peoples originated a singing tradition of mysterious power called the Regilaul. These songs are the roots of Estonia’s renowned singing culture. Based on the continuous repetition of eight-syllable verses, they produce a haunting sound able to connect the fleeting present with the eternal circle of life. Against the stunning setting of modern Estonia, this film explores how Regi songs still fire the imagination today, weaving together people and nature through song.

The trailer can be found on the film website: