Ciné-Ethnography Summer Series 2014: Screening Heritage

von pistrick

5 May 2014 18:30
Martin Luther University, Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Reichardtstraße 11

Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman AUSTRALIA „Lurujarri Dreaming“ (2013)

Winner „Best Indigenous Film“ Heart of Gold International Film Festival 2013

presented by Dr. Carsten Wergin, Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology


Lurujarri Dreaming tells the stories of the Goolarabooloo community of Western Australia, and their connection to sacred country. Travel along the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail that follows the Songcycle north from Broome, through Dreamtime and history. Along the way hear stories told by elders, children, women and men about their vision for reconciliation and caring for Country. Featuring a sublime musical score by Deadly Award winning Kimberely musicians Alan and Stephen Pigram, Lurujarri Dreaming tells the stories of a people and a place that are currently threatened by massive industrialisation.


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